Revolutionary New Solutions To Help Older Adults Improve Their Memory & Brain Health

Revolutionary New Solutions to Help Older Adults Improve Their Memory & Brain Health

our mission

To cut the amount of Dementia cases in half by 2050 by making a measurable improvement in 10 million people's brain health and memory today.

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How You get your best brain health for a long, healthy, and memorable life

With our new scientific breakthroughs in brain health & nutrition

Memory Guru 1-1 Coaching Program

The Memory Guru 1-1 Coaching Program is an all inclusive program led by our Certified Memory and Cognition Coaches who will empower you by providing the knowledge, tools, and accountability you need to get your optimal brain health to live a long, happy and healthy life.

Applying our science-based 10 Pillars of Brain Health protocol, a specially trained Certified Memory and Cognition Coach will help you identify and resolve major roadblocks so you can feel sharp and have the cognition and energy you did 10 or even 20 years ago.


Explore our high performing supplements that are used for optimal brain support.

The ingredients in our supplements have been clinically proven in:

  • Supporting your memory
  • Sharpening your focus and concentration
  • Reducing mental fatigue
  • Help in lowering Inflammation
  • Resting easier
  • Increased energy


We believe in the power of the mind to help heal and protect the brain and body. 

With our extremely effective meditation you have the power to effectively change your life in just minutes a day. 

Memory & Brain Health Workshops

We are an education first company. Everything we do starts with education.

We have taught over 1.4 million people in our online workshops in the last 10 years.

In these workshops you’ll learn what lifestyle changes you can start implementing today that are scientifically proven to have the biggest impact on your brain health today to live your happiest, healthiest and longest life possible.

Brain Healthy Articles

With our education first approach, we have a comprehensive library of articles to support you and your memory and brain health. 

Learn how you can be the best version of yourself today, and into your golden years. 

Customer Success Stories

Hear what our customers have to say about our products, our coaching program, and our company. 

We combine the latest research and independent clinical results to create cutting edge products that help you become the best version of yourself - version 2.0, if you will. 

Our mission is to make a measurable improvement in 10 million people's brain health and memory. Read the true stories of how we've helped others just like you.

Real Customer Stories


While not free, it was worth every penny! I’ve lost 15 Lbs, lowered my A1c to 6.1, and reduced my need for medications. Now I get 8-9 hours of sleep (Mom is getting more sleep too), and my restless legs and hot flashes are better too! Following my personalized “action plan”, I regained control. I’ve even added things “back” to my schedule – taking Spanish lessons, cooking, taking a sick friend to the doctor, and looking after my 2 granddaughters one day a week.

All this without hiring extra help! That’s why I recommend this program to everyone I meet!

Susannah H 

I feel empowered! The steps I have taken already have been so effective. I just don’t understand why more people don’t know about this or do it!


My brain is more alive, more open. It was worth it to me. The information and the experience, and the relationship with my coach and group was invaluable. The light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train anymore, it's the sunshine.


Besides my memory getting better, I just feel a lot better. As I went along with the program, I was like... this is really impressive, I would recommend this to anybody!

Tim L. - Financial Advisor

Since I completed the program my memory and concentration are better. I finished 2 books this week and understood and enjoyed them. For anyone who has problems with their memory. This is one of the best things I've run across.

Marianne G.

Results are amazing. I was skeptical at first, but it has really helped me feel sharper and more focused. You should really try it.

Peter - Austin, TX

I see so many parents with that glazed, exhausted look in their eyes sitting on the sidelines at the park. I'm out there with my kids, playing with my kids on the jungle gym.

Russell - Denver, CO

I have been sleeping like a champion. My barometer for a successful night's sleep is not waking up at 3AM. This hasn't happened on your watch. THANK YOU! I'm still waiting for the bags to disappear under my eyes - you'll be the first to know.

Mary - Denver, CO

As I get older, I definitely have a shorter attention span and tolerance for things. MindBoost not only helps give me more energy, but more patience and attention. The nighttime formula also helps me fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. No nighttime tossing and turning!

Carl - Palm Springs CA

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