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When you partner with Simple Smart Science you:

  • Give your customers the latest, science backed health products;
  • Get paid on every order, every month from every referral;
  • Get access to our best performing content & funnels;
  • Get ability to create custom funnels specifically for your business*;
  • Get unmatched support in maximizing your efforts.

Included with your affiliation:

Partnering with health and marketing experts giving you:

  • Super high commissions on EVERY sale;
  • Ever increasing AVG order Amount ( > $200 now)
  • Constantly increasing conversion rates;
  • Ever growing library of content and assets to help you market;
  • Continuous marketing increasing brand exposure;
  • Many affiliate tools to increase your bottom line.

What people are saying...

Dr. Gary Small...“The only cure for Alzheimer’s is prevention.”
Dr. Gary Small, UCLA Memory Clinic

“I have Alzheimer's disease in my family and I know my risk of getting it is very high. I want to do everything I can to prevent future memory loss”


“I'm only 45, but I already feel my memory slipping and it's incredibly hard to focus. I need to not only protect my brain from future memory loss, but improve my brain health today.”

Dr. Gary Small...“Many older individuals experience or demonstrate cognitive impairment that is significantly abnormal for their age and education yet beneath the threshold for a diagnosis of dementia”
JAMES M. ELLISON, MD, MPH, Clinical Director Harvard Medical School

Qualify for a FREE lifetime supply of our products:

All qualified affiliates (generated at least 30 sales in 90 days) receive complimentary products shipped to their doorstep for as long as they are participating in the program. No other program puts their products in the hands of affiliates to experience the benefits first hand.

When you add it together you can see why the Simple Smart Science Affiliate program is the #1 affiliate program available to serious entrepreneurs building real, long-term businesses. A huge, growing market, highest commissions paid, unrivaled support all add up to a winning combination.

To join the program simply follow the application button below and start earning today.

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