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Dr. Fotuhi’s Brain Fitness Calculator

Courtesy of  www.today.com and Dr. Majid Fotuhi of John Hopkins University

From Dr. Majid Fotuhi

“The Fotuhi Brain Fitness Calculator is based on my 25 years of research, clinical and teaching experience at Harvard and Johns Hopkins. I have published several articles about factors that shrink or expand the brain. In my book, I have put together an odometer-type scale that indicates the strength of each of risk factors and each protective factor. I call them “brain meters.”

The questionnaire is my attempt to put all this information in a simple format so people can get a general idea of how they can improve their brain health.”


  • This questionnaire is intended as a general screening tool for brain health issues and should not be used for diagnosing or treating any specific medical conditions.
  • A person with a perfect score may still have significant undiagnosed heart disease (without any symptoms) that could result in stroke and dementia in the future.
  • A person with a poor score needs to double-check his or her answers with a health care professional. For example, a person with depression may post unreasonably low scores that could be unduly alarming.
  • This questionnaire is not intended to be fully comprehensive and should not be used as a medical diagnosis.

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