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Don't let anxiety or stress rule your life With Chris Hill

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Chris Hill is award winning, best-selling author of Get Your Life Back: The Road to Freedom from Addiction.

Chris is an addiction expert who helps people overcome all types of
addiction such as addiction to nicotine, alcohol, drugs etc as well as
addictive activities such as gambling and over-eating. His programme is
also being used for mental health and wellbeing i.e. to manage or
eradicate compulsive behaviors, phobias, anxiety, stress and other
fear-based conditions.

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Chris also campaigns for better understanding of the truth about added/refined sugar and teaches overcoming sugar addiction. He works in a holistic way with people who have eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia nervosa and over-eating; and has had success with managing these conditions.

Chris had his own battles with addiction spanning 20 years of his life. He first became addicted to nicotine at the age of seven, progressing to alcohol and drugs later in life. Chris attended dozens of recovery programs and used dozens of systems to no avail. He then educated himself around how addictive substances affect the subconscious mind and body and developed a method to reverse
addiction and return the individual to their pre-addicted mind. He has been free of all addictions for over ten years.

Following the loss of his twin brother to alcohol and drugs in 2014, Chris has made it his life mission to share the knowledge that helped him permanently escape from addiction; with a wide an audience as possible.

Chris was awarded the BSVC Award for Services to Health & Wellbeing 2017. He is working alongside the addiction service Nexus, and has just completed training with the NHS (National Health Service in the UK) to support patients suffering from addiction as well as mental health issues. The organisation MIND have now incorporated Chris’s workshop in to their service delivery. Chris works
with a number of homeless charities delivery addiction workshops; and offers both a drop-in service and intensive programme for his own clients.

Chris's book has sold thousands of copies worldwide since its publication in September 2016 and the feedback has been incredible with people contacting him from around the world to thank him for changing their lives.

On 1st August 2017, Chris was invited to present his 7-Day Beat Addiction Plan to the research team of Dr. Nora Volkow, The Director of NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) at the World Health Institute, Washington DC and is in talks with Dr Ethan Kross from Michegan University to look at the effectiveness of ‘Self-talk’ when applied to addiction.

Chris is working with author and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. James Manning on a publication that aligns his teaching with a CBT model for addiction recovery.

Chris is also collaborating with Rend Platings, Neuroscientist and CEO of the food labeling organization ‘Sugarwise’ to launch a national debate on sugar addiction in the UK; with plans to research the theory of complete addiction reversal.

Watch Chris Hill's Video On: Sugar Addiction
& Relationship with Food Seminar

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Chris Hill's #1 First Bonus Offer to You

Especially for you My 7-Day Beat Addiction Plan:

​Available to download FREE 

This plan offers you all the learning you need to understand how your subconscious mind works once an addictive substance or activity is introduced into the system. The same learning has helped hundreds of people be able to manage their emotions and either eliminate or manage anxiety, phobias, stress and depression.

The lessons are designed to be read over a period of seven days but you can work your way through them at your own pace – slower or faster.

You will learn the secret to re-programming your mind to achieve the change you need in your life.

If you would like to ask questions about it or get additional help – you are welcome to contact me. You can do that through my website www.beatmyaddictions.com

Chris's #2 Second Bonus for You

Chris Hill's Beat Addiction In 7-Days Online Course:

I am also very pleased to offer you my entire intensive workshop as an online course.

I am very proud of this course – it has helped so many people. It’s been recorded in such a way, that I speak to you face-to-face and consequently the teaching is very impactful.

You Will Get Everything​​​​ I Teach:

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    Easy to understand short sessions. 
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    Watch at home on a computer or on any mobile device
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    Learn at your own pace
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    Rewind and revisit key parts of each lesson
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    Share learning and get support from family and friends
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    One price gives you unlimited access to the videos as well as any resources to support learning

The learning helps people to overcome addictions to:

Smoking / nicotine, alcohol, drugs (inc. medication), sugar, gambling, over-eating, over-spending, or any other addictive substance or activity

It Also Helps With:

Anxiety / stress / depression, Obsessive compulsive behavior, Phobias Eating Disorders, Insomnia, Addiction to unhealthy relationships, Anger / self-harm / self-sabotage, Any other activity that becomes habitual

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