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I’m Not Your ‘Average’ Coach…

 I’m not a suit and tie kind of guy.

(In fact, I’ve vowed never to wear a tie again in my life unless I’m wearing a dinner jacket)

I’ve got tattoos… quite a few of them.

(All Buddhist with deeply spiritual meanings)

I grew up on council estates and in ‘squats’ in and around London.

(The UK version of what they call ‘the projects’ in the U.S)

I stabbed my violent, alcoholic stepfather through the heart when I was 15 to protect my mother from a vicious assault.

(I also saved his life so the charge of attempted murder was eventually dropped)

I’ve been proud to serve as a soldier within some amazing regiments, corps and units, survived the Tsunami with my family, written several books, won 2 awards from the National Academy Of Best Selling Authors and one from The National Academy Of Expert Speakers, I’ve appeared on every UK terrestrial TV channel and several satellite ones, have written for or been featured in everything from the New York Times to The Washington Post to Vogue to Cosmopolitan to Grazia to Men’s Health and quite a few more, besides.

I’ve spoken at conferences, seminars, events and workshops Worldwide and created internationally esteemed certifications in neuroscience, endocrinology, pain management and performance coaching.

I’ve coached people from pretty much every country on the planet and all walks of life including fortune 500 CEO’s, multi-platinum award winning performance artists, Oscar winning and nominated actors,  BAFTA nominated film directors, celebrated entrepreneurs, athletes, soldiers and even royalty.

So, I guess that when I say I’m not your average coach, what I really mean is…

…I’ve Lived A Bit.

 And because I’ve lived a bit and experienced everything from the meteoric rise of my own career, success, life and happiness to the catastrophic impact of the tsunami, personal loss and madness of PTSD I know what it feels like to be deep in the darkest depths of despair to the highest heights of achievement and everything in between and it’s both my passion and my life’s purpose to help those who are struggling to create change in their lives to do so faster, easier and with less suffering, struggle and stress than they’ve been experiencing.

It has been the greatest privilege of my life to be invited into the lives of others, to be trusted enough to hear their fears, their frustrations, their struggles and their suffering and to work with them to create the strategies necessary to help them first identify and then move toward the greatest versions of the grandest visions they held of what their lives could be.

So, for me, coaching isn’t a job and it isn’t work.

For me, it’s helping people to dream bigger, act bigger and bring their dreams to life.

For me, coaching is, quite literally… Making Miracles!

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