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Your Gut - Brain Connection Controls Your Immune System With DJ Don Siclari

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Think your mood, focus and emotions are only controlled by your brain? Think again. Your gut controls almost as many hormones as your brain. 

D.J (Don) Siclari is an entrepreneur, expedition paramedic, and functional/metabolic medicine specialist based between London and the US.

Don went to paramedic school concurrently with undergrad where he majored in psychology/pre-med. During college, he started a business which he grew while working as a paramedic. Taking a break from medicine for awhile to grow the business, he eventually passed it off to a VP and dove back into medicine.

Don just completed the course material and passed the exam for the Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine offered through the Metabolic Medicine Institute's alliance with George Washington University. He is finalizing the requirements and will proceed onto the advanced fellowship next. He is one of very few non physicians to complete the fellowship.

Don is also in the midst of a Master's Degree in Advanced Practice (paramedic/nurse practitioner) through the University of Cumbria in the UK. He will most likely end up in med school but right now is enjoying studying while traveling internationally and doing expedition and humanitarian medical work.

Don completed a two year apprenticeship in Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture while still in high school and has studied various other healing modalities including massage, reiki, NLP, and hypnosis. He has also trained extensively with elders of various spiritual and shamanic traditions around the world since he was a teenager.

By Listening To Don: Get your Gut in balance with 9 tips that doctors are finding helping combat ADHD, weigh issues and even pain

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