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Scientists Reveal How YOU Can Have a Brain as Big and Powerful as Someone Half Your Age

Congratulations on taking the first step towards improving your memory and cognitive functioning…

However, diet is just one piece of the brain puzzle.

Discover what else you need to perform at your cognitive best… And how you can even grow a brain as big and powerful as someone half your age.


Do you feel like your brain isn’t functioning as well as it used to be?

Is your thinking slow and heavy?

Do you lack focus and concentration?

As you grow older, your memory, decision-making abilities, and general thinking capacity can start to decline.

You start to lose the sharpness, learning ability, and mental agility you had in your younger years.

However, after decades of research and thousands of studies, scientists have discovered… how you can regrow your brain.

Thanks to the powers of neuroplasticity, you can repair damage, grow more gray matter, and strengthen your brain to make it as big and powerful as it was 20 years ago.

This means you can overcome brain fog, mental fatigue, memory loss, and safeguard yourself from Alzheimer’s and dementia as you age. 


Discover how to boost your brain power and give yourself a new lease of life by signing up to my FREE online workshop.

In the workshop, I'll reveal how studies show how you can turn back time and learn faster, boost your memory, and perform at your full mental capacity as you age.

The training has giving me more life...

Thank you so much for your wonderful impacted knowledge. It was amazing. I thought that all hope for my memory was lost. The training has giving me more life. I can now live longer than I expected because I was so depressed. But am now cueing in every day with good memories. Thank you.

Eucharia K.  //  Toronto, Canada

How Aging Shrinks Your Brain

Your brain fully matures at age 25. However, when you turn 35, your brain cells die, blood vessels wither, and the connections which help your cells communicate break down.

This means…

Your Brain Is Shrinking at a Rate of .5% a Year

In fact, by the time you’re 55, 10% of your brain will have shrunk. Scientists can even tell your age just by looking at an MRI scan of your brain.

A smaller brain means poorer cognitive performance. It makes you less focused and slower in solving problems and planning for your future.

This is why it can take you longer to decide what to eat on a menu at a restaurant. And it makes it more difficult to remember names, dates or even why you walked into a room.

Eventually, it makes you slower in walking and talking, and can lead to you developing Alzheimer’s or dementia.

You need to do everything you possibly can to stop your brain from shrinking and regrow your brain cells. And the sooner you do so, the better.  

Young vs old brain

3 Habits Which Are Killing Your Brain Cells and Shrinking Your Brain

Scientists have discovered there are 3 daily habits which cause your brain to shrink at a faster rate.

Brain shrinking habit no. 1:

This daily habit causes a build-up of a toxic protein in your brain which forms plaques between your neurons. This disrupts your cell function eventually leading to Alzheimer’s.

Studies show it also gives you a 48% greater risk of developing or dying from heart disease. And a 15% greater chance of having a stroke.

However, when you fix this habit you won’t just improve how your brain functions, you’ll hardly ever get sick.

Brain shrinking habit no. 2:

Typical in your daily life, this common habit changes the structure of your brain, causing it to produce too much myelin. It also melts your brain cells and causes inflammation.

This means it disrupts the balance and timing of your neuronal communication. This slows down your thinking and causes you brain fog, confusion, and memory loss.

It also shuts down your reproductive, endocrine, nervous and immune systems.

Studies have shown fixing this habit can make your cortex similar to those of 20-year-olds.

In the workshop, you’ll discover how to fix this habit in just 2 to 3 minutes a day.

Brain shrinking habit no. 3:

This final daily habit releases free radicals in your brain which interfere with your nerve cells’ ability to communicate.

This affects how you remember instructions, process ideas and manage your moods. It also makes you confused, anxious, mentally exhausted and depressed.

Eventually, it can give you permanent nerve and brain damage, brain atrophy, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

However, stop doing this habit and you’ll prevent all this.

Studies have also shown stopping this can make your perform 15% better in academic tasks.

These 3 daily habits are the biggest factors in whether you will suffer from cognitive problems or not.

In this FREE online workshop, I’ll reveal what they are and how you can replace them with habits proven to grow and strengthen your brain.

This means you can regain your full cognitive abilities, have a highly functioning brain, and safeguard yourself from developing Alzheimer’s and dementia later in life.

Your Hostess: Julia Lundstrom, Neuroscience and Brain Health Expert

My name’s Julia Lundstrom.

I’m a neuroscience and brain health educator.

I’ve witnessed the devastating and heartbreaking effects of memory loss first-hand.

5 years ago my beloved aunt was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I watched her go from being full of life, to not even recognizing me after a year, my dad in 2 years, and her kids in 3 years. 

Since then I’ve helped over 113,000 people achieve better memories. And enjoy the better relationships, improved work performance, and overall quality of life a healthy brain brings. 

Driven by my personal experience, it’s my mission to help 1 million people improve their memories.

This is why I’d like to offer you to take my FREE workshop.

How to Grow a Bigger and More Powerful Brain

Food is only one part of improving your memory. There are certain lifestyle habits you can do which are scientifically proven to affect your brain’s structure and chemistry.

Sign up for this online workshop and you’ll discover what they are so you can grow a bigger and more powerful brain.

This includes how to:

  • Make your cortex as thick as someone half your age which will enhance your brain processes responsible for thought and action
  • Grow your left hippocampus which is vital for learning, memory, and emotional regulation
  • Grow the temporoparietal junction (TPJ) which is involved in empathy and the ability to take multiple perspectives
  • Grow a part of your brainstem called the pons where regulatory neurotransmitters are generated
  • Help stop a toxic protein from building up and forming plaques between your neurons which disrupts your cell function, leading to the development of Alzheimer’s
  • Create real, biological changes to the actual structure of and grow your brain
  • Significantly increase blood flow to your brain allowing it to function better
  • Optimize your brain connectivity and maximize neurogenesis (growth of new neurons)
  • Strengthen the connections in your lateral prefrontal cortex and other important parts of your brain
  • Increase gray matter in several areas of your brain, like the auditory and sensory cortex, the insula and sensory regions, and the frontal cortex.
  • Stop free radicals from forming in your brain and hampering your nerve cells’ ability to communicate which causes memory, cognitive and mood problems
  • Shrink your amygdala, the region of your brain associated with fear, anxiety, and aggression which reduces your stress levels

This means you can reverse shrinkage and make your brain bigger and stronger.

In fact, while most people see their cortexes shrink as they age, in the workshop you’ll discover how you can have the same amount of gray matter as someone who’s 25 years old

Gives YOU a Highly Functioning Brain in 30 Days or Less 

This is your chance to discover simple, yet powerful ways to enhance your cognitive function, keep your memory sharp and improve your mental clarity no matter what your age in less than 30 days.

What this means for you is:

  • Your brain fog will lift and you’ll be able to concentrate and focus on complicated tasks.
  • You’ll no longer have to resort to using reminders or strategies to remember things
  • You’ll stop forgetting words and will regain your natural sharpness and wit when talking to people
  • You’ll no longer have to resort to using reminders or strategies to remember things
  • You’ll stop forgetting words and will regain your natural sharpness and wit when talking to people
  • You’ll become a fast learner and will soak up new information with ease
  • You’ll gain a competitive edge at work, become a better student and stay mentally sharp as you age

The training has giving me more life...

"Fortunately for me, your workshop today did have many positive suggestions for applying very useful information in my life, and I thank you for that!! Thank you for sharing all you have today, and I hope you continue with your successes."

Debra D.  //  Charge Nurse

  • You’ll be able to multi-process and have a faster response time in mental tasks
  • You’ll be more productive and will get more done in less time.
  • You’ll be able to make better decisions and solve problems in half the time.
  • You’ll function at your full mental capacity and will be able to achieve your working and personal goals.
  • You’ll have no more awkward “senior moments” where you have to repeatedly ask people their names.
  • You’ll wake up your creative genius and be able to think more outside the box.
  • You also experience significant improvement in your mood, anxiety, tension, and fatigue

Diet alone cannot stave off mental decline or dramatically improve your cognitive function.

This FREE online workshop will give you everything you need to fix your memory problems… without having to pay for expensive memory games or prescription drugs.

FREE Memory Boosting Resources 

When you sign up, you’ll get a FREE Boost Your Memory Action Plan worksheet.

This means you’ll be able to create your personal action plan to improve your memory in the next 30 days or less.

During the workshop, I’ll walk you through how to fill it out and do the work.

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Stop Killing Your Brain Cells… Start Growing Them 

With every passing day, you're unknowingly killing your brain cells and shrinking your brain.

Now's the time to start growing and making your brain bigger and more powerful.

kathy samsel

Feel I learned a great deal from this...

"I listened and took notes Julia. Feel I learned a great deal from this, MANY THANKS. Will be sharing this with immediate family."

Rosea L.  //  Retired


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