Research Finds The Lack of Sleep Switches Off Genes Responsible For Your Immune System

A recent study from Harvard University showed that 1 in 3 adults aren’t getting enough sleep! Are you one of them? 

Sleep deprivation can cause: 

  • Cognitive impairment, 
  • A poor memory, 
  • A depressed immune system, 
  • Poor decision making,  
  • Lower pain threshold,  
  • And much, much more serious issues! 

Learn how to get a restful sleep every night naturally in the New Science of Age Related Sleep Issues workshop. 

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"More than half of all people aged 55 and older experience sleep problems"

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Attend the workshop and these are just few things you’ll learn and gain: 

  • Reveal a root cause of your sleepless nights, and what to do next time it comes knocking, 
  • 100% of adults will experience insomnia in the next 4 years but you’ll learn how to deal with it when it shows up, 
  • Know what to do the next time you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, 
  • How to deal with age related sleep issues according to new scientific research, and even learn...  
  • How to help reverse memory damage done by lack of sleep in the past! 

Almost 70 Million Americans have a chronic sleep disorder. We create your plan together in this free online workshop to get you a good night’s sleep, so you won’t be a part of this statistic. 

I have been sleeping like a champion. My barometer for a successful night's sleep is not waking up at 3AM. This hasn't happened on your watch. THANK YOU! I'm still waiting for the bags to disappear under my eyes-you'll be the first to know."

Mary, Denver, CO

"I see so many parents with that glazed, exhausted look in their eyes sitting on the sidelines at the park. I'm out there with my kids, playing with my kids on the jungle gym." 
Russell, Denver, CO

Russell, Denver CO

I listened and took notes Julia. Feel I learned a great deal from this, MANY THANKS. Will be sharing this with immediate family.

Rosea L.

Fortunately for me, your workshop today did have many positive suggestions for applying very useful information in my life, and I thank you for that!! Thank you for sharing all you have today, and I hope you continue with your successes.

Debra D.

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Julia Lundstrom is a neuroscience and brain health educator.

Her mission to help 1 million people make measurable improvements in their memory.

Over 113,000 have attended her workshops, and countless others have listened to hear speak on stages, podcasts, and interviews.

She has over 47,000 copies of her book: The Brain Owners Owner's Manual: 3 Simple Solutions to Quickly Boosting Your Memory  in print.

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