New Research Finds Midlife Inflammation Can Lead To Serious Cognitive Impairment Later in Life*

The time to act is NOW to get inflammation under control if you really want to avoid memory loss and dementia in your future!

A recent study among 12,336 participants with an average age of 57, found that the presence of “midlife inflammation” was significantly associated with a decline in memory, executive function, and even language skills over just 20 years!


Attend this workshop, and you’ll: 

Find out if you have neuro-inflammation, 

Discover the root cause of your memory issues, 

Learn 3 lifestyle changes you can start today that will help get rid of inflammation, 

Learn how to boost the production of memory hormone – pregnanolone to help save your memory, 

Learn how to activate stem cell growth to actually regrow the hippocampus – the memory sector of the brain,

Create a plan of action that will serve your needs, habits and lifestyle best! 

I’m Julia Lundstrom and as a Neuroscience and Brain Health Educator, 

I know how damaging inflammation can be to the brain and especially the memory sector - the hippocampus.  

So, I've put together this brand new workshop called, 


“The Root Cause of Memory Loss:  Inflammation 

Attend this free workshop today and learn what you can do, starting today, to fight inflammation from occurring, and help repair damage that has already occurred –

Your future self is depending on you!


*Systemic inflammation during midlife and cognitive change over 20 years 

The ARIC Study.  Keenan A. Walker, Rebecca F. Gottesman, Aozhou Wu, David S. Knopman, Alden L. Gross, Thomas H. Mosley, Elizabeth Selvin, B. Gwen Windham Neurology Mar 2019, 92 (11) e1256 e1267; DOI: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000007094 

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