Inflammation Sneaks Up Like A Burglar To Steal Your Memory 

Memory issues are both preventable and fixable, according to leading memory experts. But, you need to extinguish one of the closest linked causes of memory loss - brain inflammation, first!*  

Learn what simple, yet effective lifestyle changes you can do today so inflammation won’t wreak havoc on your brain. 

High levels of inflammation lead to more than just damaging your memory; it devastates whole families when it turns into disease. 


Attend this workshop, and you’ll: 

Find out if you have neuro-inflammation, 

Discover the root cause of your memory issues, 

Learn 3 lifestyle changes you can start today that will help get rid of inflammation, 

Learn how to boost the production of memory hormone – pregnenolone to help save your memory, 

Learn how to activate stem cell growth to actually regrow the hippocampus – the memory sector of the brain,

Create an plan of action that will serve your needs, habits and lifestyle best! 

I’m Julia Lundstrom and as a Neuroscience and Brain Health Educator, 

I know how damaging inflammation can be to the brain and especially the memory sector - the hippocampus.  

So, I've put together this brand new workshop called,  

“The Root Cause of Memory Loss:  Inflammation 

This is where it gets really exciting and is my favorite subject I teach. 


Click on the  button above and pick a date and time to attend this week.  


And then, we’ll send the action plan template for you to fill out during the workshop so you see exactly what steps to take for the next 30 days and beyond to help rid yourself of neuro-inflammation -  


I look forward to seeing you there! 


Julia Lundstrom,

Neuroscience and Brain Health Educator 

Simple Smart Science 


*Gorelick PB. Role of inflammation in cognitive impairment: results of observational epidemiological studies and clinical trials. Ann N Y Academy Science, 2010 Oct;1207:155-62.   

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