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What's Your

'Senior Moment' Type?

Senior Moments Are NOT Normal!

Almost everyone gets them, those 'senior moments'...
when you forget names, dates, or where you left your keys...

Annoying and frustrating, yes, but they might also be a warning sign for other serious memory problems.

There are 4 easily identifiable types of memory issues and each one has specific warning signs.

By answering a few short questions, we can determine your 'Senior Moment' type and tell you just how concerning those moments really are (and we'll give you 3 simple shortcuts to improve your memory, focus, and attention).

What Are The 4 Root Causes Of
'Senior Moments'?

Since 2013, after helping over 6,000 people reclaim their youthful memory and renew their zest for life, we have seen firsthand how even the worst memory can improve dramatically, often in just a few days.

Our key discovery is that a MAJOR cause of most peoples' memory recall problems are caused by a small handful of terrible habits and their resulting chemical imbalances.

When you are given a specific memory improvement plan, uniquely designed to address these specific "Senior Moment" types, rapid memory improvement becomes much easier.

After taking this quick diagnostic quiz we can tell you which type of "Senior Moments" you suffer from and give you a PERSONALIZED plan to begin reversing the damage to your memory - at no cost to you.​

Senior Moments Are NOT Normal and might be an early warning sign of something serious. 

4 Great Reasons To Take the "Senior Moment" Type Quiz!

My name is Russell Lundstrom and along with my sister, Julia, we founded Simple Smart Science. We have helped over 6,000 people improve their memories through better brain health.

  • "Senior Moments" are NOT a natural part of aging. There are 4 specific indicators that might indicate a larger issue. 
  • Having a youthful memory is virtually impossible if you don't know your "Senior Moment" Type and how to correct it.
  • ​Based on your age, gender, habits, and 4 other specific factors we will accurately determine exactly your "Senior Moment" type and give you these results for FREE.
  • Improving your memory, focus, and attention becomes significantly easier when you follow our FREE plan you will receive immediately after taking the SHORT quiz.