Harvard Study spanning 80 years shows that being social is one of the best things you can do to live a long and healthy life

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We are going to get you out of your comfort zone to see how far you can push your social muscles, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert . Our goal is to show you the best way to be social for YOU, your memory, and your brain health!

Socializing for your brain health

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In the recent years, we here at Simple Smart Science have  seen first-hand the horrible effects that social isolation has had on our clients' memories and brain health. 

As you may know, staying social is one of our 10 pillars of brain health. 

Social isolation has now been shown to be a risk factor for dementia, and we have the most recent pandemic as proof.

In the last 2 years, there has been a 17% increase in Alzheimer’s and dementia cases. And it couldn’t be more obvious why.  

While it's so important to stay social to PREVENT your memory from declining as you age, it is just as important to stay social to REVERSE any decline that has started! 

Studies show that social interaction boosts BDNF levels, which is that miracle grow protein for your brain.

So for this month's challenge, we’re going  to help you:

  • Rebuild your old connections,
  • Foster new ones, 
  • And kick off your summer with staying social being at the forefront of your fun summer plans.  

The Main Brain-Changing Benefits of Socializing

  • Lowers Stress Levels
  • Decreases Depression
  • Decreases Anxiety
  • Improves Overall Satisfaction
  • Enhances Intellectual Stimulation
  • Slows Memory Decline
  • Protects Against Dementia & Alzheimer's

What You Can Expect

This Challenge will consist of 5 days of socialization challenges--everyday starting Monday through Friday.

After you sign up, you will receive an email with more detailed instructions along with a printable document to keep track of your progress each week.

During the week of the challenge, we are going to be sending you daily activities and tips via email each day of the challenge. These emails will consist of habits to practice during that day that can be carried out in weeks going forward.

These challenges will differ each day.  Each morning, we encourage you to check your email, track the progress on your printable document, and share your experience that day in the Facebook group.

Our hope is that you can integrate some of these social challenges and habits into your daily life going forward to improve your brain, memory, and life! :)

We are all each other's accountability partners and we will be growing our brains while getting to know each other!

Simple Smart Science's 5-Day Social Brain Health Challenge

What: 5 days of socialization challenges to start your days off on the right foot

When: This upcoming Monday through Friday

Why:  Our goal is to help you reduce stress, combat depression or anxiety, and enhance stimulation through socializing. Studies have shown that those with the most social interaction within their community experience the slowest rate of memory decline and protect against Alzheimer's and Dementia.

How: You can expect daily check-ins and detailed instructions from us via email and in our Private Facebook Group We will also provide informational content, encouragement, and accountability.

What You Get: You will be receiving daily emails, a printable document to track your daily activities, a list of what you will need (all free), and education on the "why" of it all. This will be sent to you via email!

Join Our Exclusive 5-Day Social Brain Health Challenge

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