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With Julia Lundstrom, Neuroscience and Brain Health Educator teaches you how to stop destroying your memory

"Changes in the brain can begin years before the first symptoms begin"

Find out the shocking truth about memory loss and discover the 3 top memory loss causes. Some will surprise you, but you're almost certainly doing most of them and damaging your memory at the same time.

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Thank you so much for your wonderful impacted knowledge. It was amazing. I thought that all hope for my memory was lost. The training has giving me more life. I can now live longer than I expected because I was so depressed. But am now cueing in every day with good memories. Thank you. 

Eucharia K.

Thank you for such wealth of information, and for the reminder. I am following the classes. Very helpful and healthful. I am 80 years old and I welcome your plan to boost my memory.

Janet A.

I listened and took notes Julia. Feel I learned a great deal from this, MANY THANKS. Will be sharing this with immediate family.

Rosea L.

Fortunately for me, your workshop today did have many positive suggestions for applying very useful information in my life, and I thank you for that!! Thank you for sharing all you have today, and I hope you continue with your successes.

Debra D.

Your Hostess:
Julia Lundstrom, Neuroscience and Brain Health Educator

Julia Lundstrom is a neuroscience and brain health educator.

Her mission to help 1 million people make measurable improvements in their memory.

Over 113,000 have attended her workshops, and countless others have listened to hear speak on stages, podcasts, and interviews.

She has over 47,000 copies of her book: The Brain Owners Owner's Manual: 3 Simple Solutions to Quickly Boosting Your Memory  in print.

* Important Note: due to technical restrictions the available seats on this workshop

are strictly limited! 

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