Science Discovers A New Threat Eating Away At Your Brain And Erasing Your Memories...

Your brain frying like an egg.

your brain on drugs

​Nearly every living human being has a fire burning inside their head which is not much different from that frying egg ...

MRI of The Burning Damage In Your Brain

You can see the difference immediately...

The burnt brain is smaller and is dried up, almost like a prune.

And when your brain is burning like this you can feel it in almost every area of your life...

When was the last time you walked into a room and couldn't remember why you came into the room?

Or completely forgotten what you were talking about right in the middle of a sentence?

Or struggle with enough focus to even finish a crossword puzzle?​

​Or suffered through wild mood swings - from manic highs to depressed lows?

... and these are only some of the resulting outward symptoms, what is even more terrifying are the effects you can't see ...

Like the rapid death of millions of brain cells on a daily basis...

And the shrinking of the connections between your brain cells to the point of complete failure....

And the amount of bio-waste buildup that makes thinking normal almost impossible and robs you of your energy.

This raging fire in your brain might be one of the reasons why you struggle with almost everything these days...

Keep reading to discover the source of this brain inferno and how you can extinguish it almost immediately - - reversing the damage and improving your brain's health.

Which really means

Better, faster memory recall

Longer attention and better concentration

Less erratic mood swings, a little stability to your emotional well-being.

What happens inside your brain​ when it is burning

Imagine your brain is like a big city. A city with millions of people living in it. Each person representing a single brain cell in your head.

When you close your eyes and picture this, what do you see?

Do you see a vibrant, modern city with advanced transportation, clean, well-lit, and safe to walk the streets at night?​

A city much like Munich, Stockholm, or Singapore…

Or ...

... do you see a city which is terribly polluted, has insane traffic problems...

a city you would feel unsafe walking in even during the day?

almost like a 3rd world city, like Cairo, Haiti or Rio.

A TOXIC place to live...

Believe it or not, this is exactly how your brain is.

You can try to live with a polluted brain or you can experience a shining metropolis. 

The choice is yours.

Before you ​decide, you should understand just what is going on in your head.

And how it affects your every day life...

The waste build-up in your brain is an irritant. And, like any irritant, it causes inflammation.

This inflammation is the burning in your brain.

And you have surely heard that inflammation is the primary culprit in almost every disease and ailment suffered by man.

Scientists now believe that inflammation in your arteries is the primary culprit for heart attacks. [1]

Just as inflammation in your joints causes painful arthritis.

It is the same in your brain.

When the tissue in your brain become inflamed, you suffer headaches, brain fog, memory loss, and a lack of focus and concentration. [2]

You probably experience erratic mood swings for no reason.

And recent science has clearly shown that a good majority of these deeply disturbing issues are at least in part caused by inflammation.

One of the quickest and simplest ways you can help improve your memory, focus, and attention is by reducing the amount of inflammation in your brain.

So now you must be asking yourself...

What Is The Best Way to Reduce Inflammation in Your Brain?

It is no secret that scientists have long considered inflammation to be one of the leading causes to long-term neuro-degenerative conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. [3]

These long-term conditions are scary enough, but what recent research is showing us is that inflammation can also cause short term problems like your forgetfulness, your brain fog and those momentary memory lapses. [4]

Everything from mild impaired cognition, to depression, and even schizophrenia are caused by inflammation in the brain.[5]

What is the connection between Schizophrenia and inflammation?

“We’re still trying to delineate what the underlying mechanisms might be..."

who is setting up a clinical trial of anti-inflammatory drugs for schizophrenia.

Robert Buchanan

Robert M. Buchanan, University of Maryland

The good news is that you can extinguish the inflammation in the brain starting today.

Just like in those futuristic cities, you want your brain to function as good as it can.

That means that your brain cells get all the energy they need to do their job.

They function at peak performance.

They can send and receive nerve signals with ease and without disruption.

But, every time your nerve cells fire, they leave a little bit of trash behind.

You want the waste by-products, the trash, to be removed quickly.

You want a constant supply of new brain cells to replace any old and damaged cells.[6]

Actual Brain Scans Of Diseased Brains

When I was going to school in the 70’s, it is was common belief that we were born with a certain number of brain cells

... and that was it for your entire life. This was the accepted truth for the last 50 years.

Degeneration and Regeneration in the Nervous System

This belief came from a paper published in the early 1900’s titled “Degeneration and Regeneration in the Nervous System,” 1928 by Santiago Ramon Y Cajal

“In adult centers the nerve paths are something fixed, ended, immutable. Everything may die, nothing may be regenerated.”

I remember my parents using this belief to scare us from eating bad foods, and particularly drinking alcohol. Even my teachers in high school used this common belief as anti-drinking propaganda, saying that alcohol kills brain cells and once they are dead, you never get new ones.

Fortunately, this ‘truth’ has since been proven to be completely false.

You can grow new brain cells and you do so throughout your entire life.

The process is called neurogenesis.

Adult Neurogensis
Why is better nerve transmission, cellular regeneration, and waste removal important?

All your thinking is simply one nerve cell sending a signal to another cell.

The better they can do this, the better, faster and clearer you can think. You can even remember things, solve problems, and make decisions easier.

Cellular regeneration simply means you have a constant supply of new cells and nerves.

It is like driving a brand new car every year. Quick fast modern tech.

Much better than that old jalopy that stinks up the neighborhood...

What is the best way to improve brain cell transmission and grow new brain cells?

This exciting discovery has led scientists scrambling to discover just how this happens and can we influence the process.

What if we could stimulate the brain to grow more, new cells faster?

Would that improve our thinking?

Make us smarter?

Improve our overall health?

See, your body has a ‘program’ for creating new cells. It is called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) which plays the critical role in growing new cells. [7]

Fortunately, we can directly influence BDNF production.

Exercise, and diet are great ways to boost BDNF production.

Another easy button for BDNF production is Omega-3 fatty acids. But not just any Omega-3 fatty acid…

…One in particular called DHA.

DHA shows the most beneficial effects to BDNF production and inflammation reduction.

Ok, so what is DHA?

DHA is short for Docosahexaenoic acid which is the scientific name for one of the 6 essential fatty acids your body needs.

DHA is a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid critical to the development and function of brain cells.

Your body has a hard time producing it on its own so you either have to eat it or supplement.

DHA is the most abundant Omega-3 in our brains.

Where does DHA come from?

As humans, we are get our first DHA from our mother’s breast milk and most baby formulas on the market today have DHA in them.

For adults, the absolute best sources of premium DHA are from smaller, wild fish.

Wild salmon, anchovies, sardines and tuna are great sources of DHA along with green algae.

How does DHA help with energy levels, regulating inflammation, and help stimulate new brain cell growth?

DHA supplementation is one of the most exciting areas in brain research right now.

Let me give you some highlights on the recent research:

One study, published in 2009, was the type of randomized, controlled study that scientists love.

It showed the effects of 91 South African school children, who for 6 months ate a bread spread enriched with DHA.

By the end of the study, the children showed higher blood levels of DHA and significant improvement on cognitive tests that measures short-term memory and processing speed. The other students that took the placebo showed no such improvement. [8]

In a similar study, 9,448 schoolchildren in Gothenburg, Sweden were tracked by their academic achievements and their dietary intake of fish.

They found that the children who ate more than 1 serving of fish per week had an overall school grade 15% higher than those who consumed less than 1 serving a week. [9]

Another study of 485 healthy adults over 55 who were experiencing mild memory problems had half the participants take DHA each day for 4 weeks.

All the participants took cognitive tests at beginning and end of the study.

The results were astounding.

The participants that took the DHA doubled their blood level of DHA. They performed as well as someone who was 3 years younger than their actual ages

... And in only 4 weeks, they had a 50% reduction in memory loss.

The results continued to improve the longer the study went on.[10]

DHA Is A Super Nutrient

As impressive as DHA is for your overall brain health, there are so many other benefits which have been studied that it makes DHA one of the few truly SUPER NUTRIENTS!

​The following is a short list of some of the incredible benefits people experience when increasing their DHA intake:

DHA Super Nutrient Benefits

DHA has also been shown to be beneficial in Type 2 Diabetes by Inhibiting inflammation in fat cells which leads to insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes. [11]

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine identified the key inflammatory on-off switch which when activated by DHA generates a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Research shows DHA helps with the symptoms of dementia [12] [13]
  • People struggling with ADHD have found some relief with DHA supplementation. [14]
  • Mild Congnitive Imparement [15]
  • Even improved vision. DHA is one of the key components to your eye development. [16]
  • Depression [17]
  • Even lessened anxiety and help with depression. [18]

Studies also point to DHA, used in combination with eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) for a variety of conditions, including the prevention and reversal of heart disease, stabilizing heart rhythm, asthma, cancer, painful menstrual periods, hay-fever, lung diseases, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), and certain kidney diseases. [19]

EPA and DHA are also used in combination for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, psoriasis, Raynaud’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, bipolar disorder, certain inflammations of the digestive system (ulcerative colitis) and preventing migraine headaches in teenagers.

How Much Do You Need to take to get all these benefits?

In study after study, the recommended dosage is 2,000 of fish oil per day, with at least 500 mg of DHA (up to 1,000 mg is ok).

“Every so often, scientists really do discover a substance of transformative power, one with the ability to cure the previously incurable and improve the quality of life for the rest of us. Omega-3 fatty acids — a component of simple fish oil, once so prevalent in our diet but now largely absent — could be such a substance.”

Andrew Stoll, M.D.
Harvard Medical School

Eating Fish WILL get you there, but...

Yes, eating fish would be the best way to get your DHA, but here is the problem...

In order to get the recommended daily dosage of DHA in your diet, you would have to consume at least 9 oz. of wild salmon PER DAY!

Every single day.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t eat anything every single day, let alone wild Salmon.

At the current rate of $30 per pound of wild salmon, to get the suggested dosage of DHA and EPH would cost you $16.88 a day just for the fish!

That is $506.25 per month![20]  Just for the fish!

So, the next best way for you to get this super nutrient is to supplement your diet with a high quality Omega-3 fish oil.​

Be Warned: Not all DHA and Omega-3 fish oils are created equal.

Since DHA and Omega 3 oils are extracted from fish, there are concerns about ingesting oils from fish that have high levels of mercury.

​Because a fish oil can actually be dangerous for you - California makes manufactures put a warning on them - it is extremely important to know what kind to buy. 

Most Omega-3 fish oils are all filler. You want to look at the label and see how many milligrams of DHA and EPA you are getting per serving.

Minimum is 500 mg of DHA.

Total levels of fish oil should be above 2,000 mg.

The International Fish Oil Standards™ (IFOS™) Program is the only third party testing and certification program for fish oils.

IFOS™ sets the world's highest standards for purity, potency and freshness.[21]

It’s important to find DHA and Omega-3’s that are IFOS certified.

As you see, it is extremely difficult to find a great, high potency DHA product.

So, we’ve made it easy for you.

After recommending DHA to everyone we meet...

our customers,
family & friends,
in our webinar and interview series

we just couldn't find a brand that we could recommend.

This is where we took the lead and went about creating the perfect Omega-3 fish oil that meets and exceeds all the research and quality levels we demand.

Alpha Omega DHA
by Simple Smart Science…

Each serving packs a whopping 660 mg of DHA, 900 mg of EPA and 2,520 mg of total marine lipids!

In addition Alpha Omega DHA is IFOS™ certified.

One of the few brands on the market with effective amounts and certification.

If you are familiar with Simple Smart Science then you know quality is the Golden Rule.

From ingredient sourcing, shipping, and receiving to the entire manufacturing process we demand the best of everything. 

When it comes to your life and health we don't believe it cutting corners. You shouldn't either. ​

Each batch is tested for mercury levels and to ensure the highest quality, potency, and purity. [22]

Alpha Omega DHA Fish Oil gives you the clinical effective dosages of beneficial Omega-3 oils, DHA and EPH, and has the highest quality standards of any product on the market.

We only use wild fish – anchovies, sardines and tuna - from some of the safest waters of the world.

Alpha Omega DHA even passes California Prop 65 standards for toxicity.

YUCK! Many fish oils taste fishy!!

Alpha Omega DHA is manufactured from a process that distills the oils at the molecular level. With this process, we are able to ensure purity and stability.

It also eliminates any fish odor or taste.

We promise that you will not have any issues with fishy taste or the dreaded ‘fish burbs’.

Alpha Omega DHA has no side effects.

According to Dr. Phil Lieberman M.D. at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology “The best I can say is that to my knowledge, and according to a literature search, there has only been one reported case of anaphylaxis to fish oil and none to krill oil.”

“Thus, at this point in time, all one can say is that anaphylaxis to fish oil or krill oil is evidently extremely rare. On this basis alone, it would seem that there is very little risk regarding the ingestion of fish oil and krill oil in patients allergic to fish and shellfish respectively.”[23]

That being said, we strongly encourage you to consult with your doctor before starting any new supplementation.

You will notice a change

Alpha Omega DHA is simply the best fish oil you can buy...


While everyone’s experience is unique to their health situation, some of the benefits people report experiencing include:

  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Better attention to details
  • Faster memory recall
  • Less muscular and skeletal pain
  • Improved mood and stress management
  • Healthier, smooth skin
  • Improved eye sight and vision

Just to name a few of the experiences people report when they add DHA to their diets.

Please remember that everyone has a unique state of health and we cannot guarantee you will experience the same benefits.

But what we can guarantee you is that if you are not 100% satisfied  Alpha Omega DHA, we will refund 100% of your money back up to 120 days!

That’s right, we have a 120 day, Hassle-Free, money-back guarantee!

You May See Benefits Almost Right Away!

Most clinical trials on DHA are for 3-6 months of daily supplementation.

However, most people report noticeable benefits from adding Alpha Omega DHA to their diets within the first few weeks of starting with the supplement.

The longer you add DHA to your diet, the more pronounced and improved your experience should be.

Alpha Omega DHA Is Your Ultra Premium DHA -
A Step Above the Rest

An added bonus: 1,000 I.U. of Vitamin D3

Quick paragraph here explaining the benefits and why we added this.​

If you live north of the line connecting San Francisco to Philadelphia and Athens to Beijing, odds are that you don’t get enough vitamin D. The same holds true if you don’t get outside for at least a 15-minute daily walk in the sun. African-Americans and others with dark skin, as well as older individuals, tend to have much lower levels of vitamin D, as do people who are overweight or obese.

Why are these widespread vitamin D deficiencies of such great concern? Because research conducted over the past decade suggests that vitamin D plays a much broader disease-fighting role than once thought.Being “D-ficient” may increase the risk of a host of chronic diseases, such as osteoporosis, heart disease, some cancers, and multiple sclerosis, as well as infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis and even the seasonal flu.​

Already taking a fish oil? 

You should check the quality.

The first step you want to make is to go to your medicine cabinet and get the fish oil you have now.

Look at the amounts of total fish oil (should be at least 2,000 mg per serving) and the amounts of DHA and EPA.

How do they compare?

Then look to see if your current fish oil also gives you extra 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3.

Then think about the potency and purity – the safety of your product.

Is your fish oil certified by the IFOS™?

Does it contain any GMO ingredients?

Alpha Omega DHA is GMO free.

Is it wild caught fish or farmed? Farmed fish always has more mercury.

Next, think about the company that manufactured the fish oil. Do they stand behind their product with a 100% Hassle-Free, Money-Back Guarantee?

As far as we know, only Simple Smart Science guarantees all our products with our 120 day, Hassle-Free, money-back guarantee -  


Do you have confidence that as new research is discovered the products will be updated to always include the clinical dosages?

Does your fish oil manufacturer provide you with ongoing support in the form of unlimited, live customer service?

Consistent communication through your email on the latest scientific developments?

Free guides to your other pressing health concerns?

Offers an extensive library of articles and research on their website containing information that can make a dramatic difference in your life?

Finally, do they represent your values?

Simple Smart Science is a company founded on values and we try to reflect those values in everything we do.

Our values are:

· Always give your best,

· Honesty & integrity,

· Believe everyone has unlimited potential,

· Make life easy, lucrative, and fun,

· Family first, and

· We accept responsibility.

Your Brain and Memory Are Worth IT!

Remember, eating enough fish to get you to the recommended daily dose of DHA is going to cost you $16.88 PER DAY!

... and you will have to eat at least 9 Oz. of Salmon EVERY SINGLE DAY!​

But, Alpha Omega DHA isn't going to cost you anywhere near this amount.​

If you compare the amount of pure DHA and EPA Omega-3 oils you are getting per serving in Alpha Omega DHA you can clearly see that you are getting the most value for your money.

Our normal retail price is $49 per bottle of Alpha Omega DHA.​

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Start reducing inflammation and give yourself the gift of a health brain starting today.

Remember… DHA helps delay cognitive decline and improves cognitive health in both children and adults.

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Remember…. DHA has been showing promise against depression, cancer and diabetes.

Remember…. DHA Reduces inflammation in the brain and may reduce the plaques associated with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Remember… DHA also increases oxygen throughout the body and in short – it helps to grow the brain, the result is improved memory and enhanced learning.

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Alpha Omega DHA

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