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MindBoost Day - All Natural Nootropic

YES! I Want To Improve My Memory, My Focus, and My Health

MindBoost™ Day - Potent And Comprehensive 'Smart Supplement'

Created to give your brain the critical daily supplementation you need to function at peak performance. MindBoost™ Day supplements help increase your memory, focus, and concentration. Without stimulants.

How Does MindBoost™ Day Work?

As Part Of Your Daily Routine, MindBoost™ Day Helps With:

Bacopa Monnieri Helps Improve Memory, Speed of Learning and Energy Levels

Bacopa Monnieri is a natural herb native to the wetlands of Europe and Asia. Studies suggest that Bacopa Monnieri supplements increase the cerebral blood flow and help activate choline. Choline affects the dopamine receptors in your brain that gives you a sharper focus and attention....

One research study with healthy adults aged 65 or older showed…

"Significant improvements in attention (less likely to pay attention to irrelevant information), working memory and less anxiety and depression."

Further studies when on to show that the speed of learning, memory capacity and increased energy levels improved greatly over a 12 week period (relative to a 5 week period).

Rhodiola Rosea Has A Pronounced Effect On Mental Fatigue, Stress, And Anxiety

A study testing the fatigue of students caused by stress during final exams showed that over a 20 day period, the students participating in the study achieved 8.4% better grades than the students taking a placebo.

Another study including physicians working the night shift found that the doctors taking Rhodiola Rosea had a clear anti-fatigue effect, in some cases as much as 20% improvement in performance during a 24-hour shift!

None of the participants in any of the studies reported any negative side effects.

Study after study shows that Gingko Biloba extract improves memory formation and recall. Some studies even show improvements in mood.

Ginkgo Biloba Has A Pronounced Effect On Blood Flow, Memory Recall, Processing Speed and General Cognition.

A recent study showed, “executive ability, attention, abstract, delayed memory were significantly increased”

Not only that, another study completed with older individuals 65+ showed, “Improved delay recall, delayed recognition and face recognition on tests”. In just 6 weeks of supplementation, subjects averaged 49% better on delayed recall and as much as 54% on face recognition!

Vitamin B-12 Has A Positive Impact On Performance

Your body's vitamin B-12 levels directly affect many neurological functions. This includes neurotransmitters that are crucial to psychological functioning. Vitamin B-12 appears to lower both the risk and rate of cognitive decline.

Data suggests that B12 supplementation may have a positive impact on global cognitive functioning and in particular on the performance of memory tasks. Indicating that there may be a role for B vitamin supplementation in lowering the risk of cognitive decline.

A study out of Australia showed that linear effects were also observed for younger women for whom vitamins B-12 intake was associated with memory performance.

Folate May Slow Down And Lower The Risk of Cognitive Decline

Folate intake was positively associated with performance on a variety of measures of cognition (speed, memory, and fluency).

It has also been found to improve cognition in healthy adults.

A recent study from Oxford University showed over a two year period that brain atrophy in people taking folatewas 53% lower in the active treatment group - that's 53% less brain decay in only two years!

Not only that, in Holland, they have found that people taking a daily dose of folate supplementation for three years increased cognitive function, specifically memory and information processing.

The Problem Inside Your Brain

Your brain and body naturally produce what you need to function from the foods you ingest. Your habits also have a great impact on your brain health. The challenge is in today's world, we have terrible diets, questionable food supplies, and a polluted environment that make brain health particularly challenging.

According to the Alzheimer's Association Every 67 seconds someone in the United States develops Alzheimer's.

The World Health Organization - Dementia is one of the major causes of disability and dependency among older people worldwide.

Although dementia mainly affects older people, it is not a normal part of aging.

You can influence how healthy your brain is. You can improve your memory, focus, and attention. You can turn back the clock on a failing, aged brain.

US National Library of Medicine reports that you have almost a 1 in 2 chance of your memory failing simply because of your age. Stress can enhance this effect.2

Over time, this can make it difficult to:

  1. Retain new information like names, dates, new subjects.
  2. Recall memories quickly so you feel like you have more 'Senior Moments'
  3. Keep focused on your work.
  4. Lose weight. An unhealthy brain creates additional stress on your body and creates lethargy.
  5. Have any extra energy for yourself or your family.
  6. Be happy. Not performing at your best every day takes a toll on every area of your life

(1) Jones, BE (2005). "From waking to sleeping: neuronal and chemical substrates". Trends in pharmacological sciences 26 (11): 578-86. doi:10.1016/ PMID 16183137. (2)

MindBoost Day - All Natural Nootropic

MindBoost™ Day

A clinically Advanced Formula With Proven Ingredients To Unlock Your Brain's Potential

Our Scientific Team spend hundreds of hours researching scientific case studies from around the world to uncover these ingredients.

We use dosages that are clinically proven to work for optimal results. We use premium ingredients from trusted sources and the top rated manufacturing facilities. Finally we use a third party testing facility to ensure the highest quality and potency in every bottle.

This means you get the highest quality product possible. You won't be able to find anything comparable in stores. We guarantee MindBoost™ Day to be the most effective memory and focus enhancement product you can find.

MindBoost™ Day contains no artificial flavors or preservatives. It is approved for vegetarians, is gluten free and is even safe for vegans as it has no animal products in it, not even in the capsules

YES! I Want To Improve My Memory, My Focus, and My Health

Our Guarantee To You

We are so sure that you will experience an improved memory with a sharper focus and more energy PLUS a rejuvenating night's sleep by using MindBoost™ Day and MindBoost™ Night, that we guarantee your satisfaction with a 120 DAY HASSLE-FREE Money Back Guarantee.

One more thing to take off of your mind - your order is 100% secure - we guarantee and it by providing you with Norton Shopping Guarantee on every order.

Norton Shopping Guarantee

You Get:

  • $10,000 Identity theft coverage.
  • $1,000 purchase guarantee
  • Lowest Price Guarantee for 30 days


​Many people share their experiences with us.

"As I get older, I definitely have a shorter attention span and tolerance for things. MindBoost not only gives more energy, but more patience and attention. The nighttime also makes me fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. No nighttime anxiety!"
Carl, Palm Springs, CA.

"I have been sleeping like a champion. My barometer for a successful night's sleep is not waking up at 3AM. This hasn't happened on your watch. THANK YOU! I'm still waiting for the bags to disappear under my eyes-you'll be the first to know."
Mary, Denver, CO

"I see so many parents with that glazed, exhausted look in their eyes sitting on the sidelines at the park. I'm out there with my kids, playing with my kids on the jungle gym." 
Russell, Denver, CO

"Results are amazing. I was sceptical at first, but it has really made me sharper and more focused. You should really try it."
Peter, Austin, TX

"I'm not one to resort to a pill for answers. They do more harm then good. I took a chance with "MindBoost" for its naturalness and I have had not one side effect. I have no negatives whatsoever; it has all been very positive. I can not thank you enough for the improvements I am experiencing. I am taking them for life. I do feel you have given me a new lease on life. One to be lived to its fullest."
Amelia V.

"I've been taking the night and day for almost two weeks now. I am sleeping a lot better."
Caleb H.

"Sleeping deeper and longer-thank goodness!I bought my business over 3 years ago and noticed a decrease in my quality of sleep. I had a hard time shutting off my thoughts and relaxing each night. Once I fell asleep I was waking up every night and struggling to fall back asleep. After purchasing Nighttime MindBoost I noticed a shift in these patterns. The best part is that I feel alert the next day. I will continue using the product.Thank you for your product, it's working for me."

"I wish to thank Simple Smart Science for an expedient resolve to a concern I had about my billing! Not only did I get a fast and so very kind email about the situation, but I also received a personal phone call from Russell to alleviate any questions or concerns I might have had about the billing process ! Talk about going the extra mile-- you guys blew me away !! Thanks for being a caring, reputable company! It will be my pleasure to do business with you in the future !!"
Thanks so much, Brenda

"Lets face it who cant use some help creating a calm in their emotional state of well being. I know I can, with the day to day stresses of being a Mom, work and kids. Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. Or we wait until we are sick to realize it. My evaluation after taking it for several days is an over all feeling of good,some what of a happy pep back in my step. It comes in two bottles , one for day use and one to take at night."
Tia, 01/16/2015

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