You Don't Have a Memory Problem, You Have an Inflammation Problem. 

Join over 113,000 people who have improved their memories with our workshops. Pick your date and time below.

Inflammation In the Brain Is the Root Cause of 80% Of All Memory Problems
Discover how to eliminate inflammation for good in the workshop.


Get To the Root Cause of Your Memory Issues and Fix Your Memory For Good.

What You'll Get By Attending This Workshop:

  • See if you have inflammation in your brain
  • Investigate if it’s what‘s causing your memory loss
  • Gain the confidence to start making 3 lifestyle changes today to fight the inflammation
  • Nip memory loss by boosting your pregnanolone – your memory hormone
  • Undo any past damage to your brain from inflammation by stimulating stem cell rejuvenation
  • Prepare an action plan, based on your current lifestyle, one that fits your needs

Get the Recipe For A Healthy Brain And Strong Memory

You’ll get the recipe for a healthy brain and a strong memory.

But a recipe is more than a list of ingredients. It also tells you how to blend them all together to get the result you want.

This workshop will give you the individualized recipe you need to fight the inflammation in your brain.

And then you’ll learn how to activate stem cell growth in the memory sector of your brain – the hippocampus – to regrow some of those memory cells you’ve lost through age, disease, medications and lifestyle choices.

Over 113,000 people have participated in past workshops

Thank you so much for your wonderful impacted knowledge. It was amazing. I thought that all hope for my memory was lost. The training has giving me more life. I can now live longer than I expected because I was so depressed. But am now cueing in every day with good memories. Thank you. 

Eucharia K.

Thank you for such wealth of information, and for the reminder. I am following the classes. Very helpful and healthful. I am 80 years old and I welcome your plan to boost my memory.

Janet A.

I listened and took notes Julia. Feel I learned a great deal from this, MANY THANKS. Will be sharing this with immediate family.

Rosea L.

Fortunately for me, your workshop today did have many positive suggestions for applying very useful information in my life, and I thank you for that!! Thank you for sharing all you have today, and I hope you continue with your successes.

Debra D.

Your Hostess:
Julia Lundstrom, Neuroscience and Brain Health Educator

Julia Lundstrom is a neuroscience and brain health educator. 

Her mission to help 1 million people make measurable improvements in their memory.

Over 113,000 have attended her workshops, and countless others have listened to hear speak on stages, podcasts, and interviews.

She has over 45,000 copies of her book: The Brain Owners Owner's Manual: 3 Simple Solutions to Quickly Boosting Your Memory  in print.

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