Sweet Dreams Night Meditation

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Achieve Your Rem
  • Are you walking around in a daze…most days?
  • Are you too exhausted to participate in social gatherings?
  • Is your work suffering?
  • Are you forgetting simple, daily tasks?
  • Have you been noticing lapses in your memory?
  • Do you forget peoples names that you’ve known forever?
  • Do you wake up during the night and barely get back to sleep before you have to get back up?
  • Are you consistently not getting at least 7 hours of deep sleep a night?
Sleep Deprivation and Memory Loss

Sleep helps us store memories, but a lack of sleep can lead to major cognitive issues, such as severe memory loss.

In our busy modern society millions of people do not get sufficient sleep on a daily basis, and this can be disastrous to our brains.

Sleep deprivation, even if only for brief periods, can impair learning, memory and cause brain deterioration.

Sufficient sleep helps your brain be able to form, learn and store new memories. Lack of sleep cancels that. Think of what that means to your brain on a nightly basis.

Is Insomnia Causing My Memory Loss?

Many people who experience forgetfulness, memory lapses, brain fog, and other symptoms of memory during the daytime hours, don’t realize that it’s being caused at night.

When it comes to your memory, sleep is CRITICAL.

Sleep is when your memories consolidate or 'stick'.  Your brain takes this time to turn short term memories into long term memories.

So, imagine that it takes 8 hours for all your memories to stick...

Now, think about what happens when you only get 5 hours of sleep of night...

What memories get skipped? Which ones did your brain not have enough time to turn into a long term memory?

Which memories are now lost forever? Do you want to risk that it was a precious one - like your kids graduating or even your anniversary.

If you are not getting the depth and quality and quantity of sleep that you need every night, your memory may be paying the price.

Can the Damage Be Repaired?

The good news is that studies have shown, when you have consistent, quality recovery sleep, where you are achieving REM sleep, the damage can be repaired. This means that you can start seeing marked improvement in your day to day life.

How Can I Achieve This Without Taking Strong, Over the Counter Sleep Aids That Make Me a Zombie the Next Day?

Your brain wave states are what control when you fall asleep.

Beta is when you’re revved up and working hard. It’s like sprinting. You shouldn’t do this most of the day, but with the stress most of us have in our lives, that’s just what we do…

We stay in this high beta state. Imagine sprinting a marathon all day… that’s what your brain is doing in this stressed out state.

Alpha is the next brain wave state down. This is where we should be spending most of our day. It’s when we’re relaxed and in this creative state that our best ideas happen.

Theta is the state between sleep and awake.

Delta is the sleep state.

Question: So, how then, when you’re in a high stressed out beta state all day, can you easily shift from Beta to Theta and finally Delta?

Answer: Our Sweet Dreams Night Meditation.

This 20 minute guided meditation with binaural beats will walk you down from this high thinking, stressed out state where your mind is running a million miles per hour, to a calm state and finally, it will put you to sleep.

How Will This Help Me Sleep More Effectively?

Binaural beats are a new technology that harnesses the brain’s response to sound in order to move you into a state of deep relaxed sleep.

The idea behind binaural beats is that by exposing each ear to a slightly different tone, the brain actually perceives them as a new single tone and focuses on that.

Studies show that by listening to these sounds that create a single low-frequency tone in your brain, it triggers a slow-down in brainwave activity. This in turn will help you fall asleep and sleep more soundly.

The Sweet Dreams Night Meditation

Our Sweet Dreams Night Meditation combines a powerful blend of binaural beats and soothing sounds, to pull you (and keep you) down in a deep, restorative mode of sleep…in just minutes a night.

No drugs that make you feel even more exhausted the next day. Just you and your headphones…and maybe a cup of Sleepy Time tea.