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The health connection between our toxic world and disease...

The health connection between our toxic world and disease

Look around - massive water, air, and land pollution is taking its toll on people's health around the globe.

Our force grown, genetically modified foods are bathed in preservatives and packaged in petrochemical plastics.

The majority of us drink water primarily from plastic bottles.

Do you believe there is a connection between this toxic lifestyle and why everyone you know is on medications, battling poor health and struggling to get through the days?

The answers may surprise you.

If you see a sick tree with withered, discolored leaves, small, sickly fruit, and wilted flowers where do you look to find the cause?

Ask any gardener and they will tell you to look at the roots. Why?

The root system is the vital connection between plants and their world.

For us, our vital connection to the world is our digestive system. The digestive system is where we get the majority of the nutrition required for life.

The six meters starting with your nose and mouth and traveling down to your colon is the primary exchange between the outside world and your body.

Imagine the importance of protecting this fragile system. Digestive health is critical and the reason the vast majority of your immune system resides within your digestive system.

Scientists are now calling this 'root system' in our bodies the Microbial Interactive System - or our microbiome.

Right now, within your microbiome are TRILLIONS of microscopic organisms that are responsible for processing everything from the outside world. Both the good and bad.

Billions of organisms that we depend on for our health and safety.

Recent studies show a lack of biodiversity in your gut can lead to obesity, diabetes, arthritis, and inflammation.

Disease begins in the gut.

How many times over the course of your life have you been sick? What is the usual course of action your doctor may take?

Z Packs - antibiotics

Very powerful drugs that are extremely effective at making you feel better.

But, let's break that down.

Anti = against + Biotics = life

Against life.

These powerful drugs kill the bad bugs in your guts when you are sick. The problem is they also kill the good bugs. Over the course of decades, we have destroyed the fragile microbiome that is the very essence of our life.

Add in our modern, processed food supply, pollution, stress, and you have a recipe for disaster.

So how do you fight back and replenish the fragile microbiome that is so important to health and living a vigorous life?

Food, yes, but you also have to attack this problem with the BIG GUNS.

Those big guns are directly supplementing your diet with good bacteria.

Supplements called probiotics.

How Does ProIQ Probiotics Work?

As Part Of Your Daily Routine, ProIQ

Help Replenish Essential Bacteria In Your Digestive Tract

Each single capsule of ProIQ Probiotics introduces over 5.06 BILLION organisms** directly into your digestive system. This proprietary blend of 7 of most influential strains of bacteria that have been shown to be a part of a healthy gut environment.

Each specific strain was chosen specifically based on modern research. In addition, these ideal strains posses the ability to safely pass through the low pH environment of the early gastrointestinal tract and flourish throughout the intestines.

ProIQ Probiotics are recommended to maintain and promote a healthy digestive system, support an effective immune system, and help replenish your natural gut flora†.

Wide Ranging Benefits From Supplementing With ProIQ Probiotics

More and more people are becoming aware the health benefits from supplementing with probiotics.

Benefits from helpful bacteria can include:

  • Better nutrient absorption from your food
  • Better waste removal from your digestive tract. One study performed as a pretreatment on patients preparing for colonoscopy showed "Two weeks of probiotics pretreatment as part of bowel preparation significantly improves colonic mucosa visualization during colonoscopy and reduces preparation-related and postendoscopic gastrointestinal symptoms in constipated patients." Better procedures and better results.
  • Relief from diarrhea, constipation, irregularity, gas, and embarrassing digestive issues
  • Diminished reactions to food allergies and lactose intolerance
  • Improved metabolism and weight management
  • Even improved cholesterol levels

Why You Need ProIQ Probiotics

When you think of bacteria, you most likely think of harmful bacteria. But, our bodies host billions and billions 'good' bacteria both inside and out. When the natural balance of good to bad bacteria within our bodies is destroyed by modern pollutants and antibiotics ProIQ Probiotics can help replace and restore your good bacteria and return you to a healthier state.

This delicate balance is responsible for keeping your body working properly and fighting off disease.

These helpful microorganisms also help in the extraction of nutrients from your food and fighting off the harmful bacteria.

Side Effects and Safety With Probiotics

The bulk of research shows probiotic supplementation to be safe for most adults. According to the Mayo Clinic side effects of probiotic supplementation are rare. We strongly encourage everyone to consult with your physician before taking any new supplementation products and recommend that children, pregnant women, and people with immune diseases avoid taking probiotics. If you are immune-comprimised, suffer certain bowel problems or are seriously ill please get your doctors permission before taking probiotics.

What The Current Research Shows On Probiotic Supplementation

Your body is home to hundreds of trillions of bacteria. They are your first line of defense against the toxins in our modern environment.


A clinically Advanced Formula With Proven Ingredients To Unlock Your Brain's Potential

Our Scientific Team spend hundreds of hours researching scientific case studies from around the world to uncover these ingredients.

We use dosages that are clinically proven to work at optimal results. We use premium ingredients from trusted sources and the top rated manufacturing facilities. Finally we use a third party testing facility to ensure the highest quality and potency in every bottle.

This means you get the highest quality product possible. You won't be able to find anything comparable in stores. We guarantee ProIQ to be the most effective memory and focus enhancement product you can find.

ProIQ contains no artificial flavors or preservatives. It is approved for vegetarians, is gluten free and is even safe for vegans as it has no animal products in it, not even in the capsules

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Our Guarantee To You

We are so sure that you will experience an improved memory with a sharper focus and more energy PLUS a rejuvenating night's sleep by using ProIQ and MindBoost Night, that we guarantee your satisfaction with a 120 DAY HASSLE-FREE Money Back Guarantee.

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You Get:

  • $10,000 Identity theft coverage.
  • $1,000 purchase guarantee
  • Lowest Price Guarantee for 30 days

** Potency at the time of manufacture. This product may be kept refrigerated to maximize shelf-life and potency.


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