Welcome to the MyTone Sweet Dreams Night Meditation Recording Page!

Are You Ready To Fall Asleep in a Relaxed, Calm State to Get a Great Night's Sleep?

Here is where you'll record your voice to have the most powerful sleep meditation you've ever experienced.

Please read the instructions below and

scroll to the bottom of the page to record. 

Record Your Voice

Professional Mixing

When you record your voice, almost instantly we smooth out the sounds, clear out the background noise and put it with our best selling mediation music.

The Music

This meditation uses advanced audio technology called MRT beneath the music that helps you meditate more deeply.

It has binaural beats in the low frequencies to align to your alpha brain waves.

AND, we use a specific energy frequency to reduce the stress in your body.

Your, Unique Meditation

Just listen to it just once a day for 20 minutes and within days, you’ll have already reduced your stress levels to fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night.

Here's How to Do It
Recording Your Voice Is Simple

  • Read the transcript through once so you know the flow and take note of the (notes in parenthesis).
  • Using your headphones together with your phone, ipad, laptop or desktop computer, find the microphone and place your mouth approximately 2 finger's width distance from the microphone.
  • Click on the record button and start recording. 
  • When finished, click on the stop recording button.

To Get the Best Experience
Follow these tips to get the best recording

  • Record just a few lines to start to hear how it sounds and to get the rhythm. 
  • Speak very clearly and slowly, just above the microphone (not directly into it)
  • When you read the breathing sections, breath with it to get the correct count.
  • Find a quiet room to record, without background noise. Close windows and doors to prevent outside noise disruptions.
  • The full recording should take between 15-20 minutes, so pause between sections.

Record Your MyTone Sweet Dreams Night Meditation HERE!

When you're ready, click on the record button!


NOTE: Do not read out loud what is in parentheses. Those notes are tips to give you a better recording.

Push Stop when you are done. It will take a few seconds for it to render (Showing "Wait While Saving..."). 

Click on the GO TO LIST button when you are done and you will be taken to your list of recordings page.  

We recommend recording only 20-30 seconds at first to practice before recording for the whole 20 minutes.

You may try as many times as you like. And pause if need be (note: the pause button only will hold a pause for 5 minutes. after that, you have to start over).

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